Two new open RFAs for Single Cell Biology Research

(Jonah Cool) #1

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and Helmsley Charitable Trust recently announced two new funding opportunities to support efforts toward a Human Cell Atlas. Applications are intended for groups interested in developing and applying diverse single cell technologies. The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative welcomes applications to form ‘Seed Networks,’ which will integrate experimental and computational groups to help build foundational experimental and analytical tools for single cell biology research. The Helmsley Charitable Trust seeks applications on a more applied question of constructing an atlas of the human gut. Both funding opportunities are open to US and international labs and can be accessed through a shared application portal (link below). The portal will be open until November 13th and the short applications are intended to encourage new collaborations and exciting new ideas. Hope that this is of interest to many of you and please reach out with questions on eligibility or the application portal!

Important Links:
Shared application portal:
CZI Seed Network:
Helmsley Gut Cell Atlas: