Systems Biology and Single- cell Transcriptomics of Embryonic Stem Cells

(Kedar Natarajan) #1

Hi All,

My group at SDU, Denmark currently has open positions for Systems biology PhD and Postdoc.
Details on the positions can be found here

The projects investigate single-cell dynamics of cell cycle regulators during embryonic development. We use mouse embryonic stem cells and in vivo models combined with time-lapse imaging, CRISPR perturbation, bulk and single-cell genomic approaches (RNA-seq, ATAC-seq, ChIP-seq etc.). We have international and inter-disciplinary unit with experimental and computational biologists, collaborators including bio-imaging (DaMBIC:, single-cell transcriptomics, sequencing, computational analysis (IMADA: ), and is expected to learn and draw from the expertise within the group,
The full details can be found at the link. Please contact me ( for any additional information.