Product Announcement for Single Cell Isolation

(Myeong Chan Jo) #1

Dear Colleague,

It is my great pleasure to announce our single-cell isolation platform, “Smart Aliquotor”. The Smart Aliquotor greatly simplifies single-cell isolation for accelerating single-cell clonal and genetic analysis.

The innovative merits of Smart Aliquotor mainly include:

  1. Easy to use. Liquid handling in the whole process, mainly including loading 100 µL cell suspension into inlet well and collecting sub-µL single-cell suspensions from outlet wells, can be completed only by using a commonly used air displacement pipette (ADP). No complex instrumentation and no additional pre-training is needed for operation.

  2. Easy to isolate and identify single cells. Due to the special design of Smart Aliquotor, 100 µL cell suspension can be uniformly dispensed into 100 outlet wells within 15 seconds. Isolated single cells in outlet wells can be easily identified under 10X objective of common inverted microscope with 1 second per well.

  3. Easy to get cell cloning. The single cells isolated into outlet wells are healthy and can proliferate normally within wells to form cloning.

  4. Easy to transfer isolated single cells. The isolated single-cells can be easily retrieved by ADP as submicroliter single-cell suspensions and then transferred into standard PCR tubes; or they can be in situ lysed within the outlet wells, followed by the transfer of single-cell lysate into PCR tubes for mRNA analysis, eliminating the risk of cell loss during transfer.

  5. Easy to isolate single adherent cells. After isolation into outlet wells, single cells are allowed to adhere to substrate surface, therefore, Smart Aliquotor can be used to isolate single adherent cells based on their size and morphology, providing a potential way to study genotype-phenotype correlation at the single-cell level.

  6. Easy to isolate single cells from extremely few cell population. Because there is no loss in the process of single-cell isolation, Smart Aliquotor can be used to efficiently isolate single cells from extremely few cell populations only containing 2-100 cells, such as clinical samples.

  7. Easy to isolate rare cells from extremely high cell population. Smart Aliquotor enables highly efficient enrichment and rapid isolation of a target cell from millions of cells, suitable for isolation of extremely rare cells including circulating tumor cells from blood.

  8. High compatibility. Both single eukaryocyte cells and single prokaryotic cells with diameters from 1 μm to 50 μm can be effectively isolated into outlet wells of ≤1 μL volume in Smart Aliquotor independent of cell shape and motility.

For more information, please see the attached product brochure. If you have any questions or wish to discuss further details about Smart Aliquotor or other products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me; Thank you very much.

Best Regards,

Myeong Chan Jo, Ph.D.
Innovative Biochips LLC l 9350 Kirby Drive, Suite 200 l Houston, TX 77054 USA
Office: (832) 538-1925 l l

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