Prism-TIRF for single cell biology, single molecule detection, and super resolution microscopy, lightguide-TIRF and more>

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Dear Colleagues,

Our prism- and lightguide-TIRF accessories are affordable, precise and robust and can be used with any fluorescence microscope and many different objectives for single cell studies, single molecule biology, super resolution microscopy, and numerous other applications. The cost of prism-TIRF starts from $8k, lightguide-TIRF – from $12k. We also offer objective-TIRF, which costs >$39k. Ironically, in the world of TIRF, expensive does not mean better quality of TIRF effect. In objective-TIRF the evanescent wave is contaminated with 10-15% of unwanted autofluorescence and scatter [1], while prism- and lightguide-TIRF provide clean TIRF effect [2]. The intensity of stray light in the case of prism- and lightguide-TIRF geometries is <0.01% and 0.1%, respectively.

You might be interested to look at our new “ultimate TIRF machine” – a compact turnkey uTIRF microscopy station, which is available in three configurations.

For more information on uTIRF stations, prism-, lightguide-, and objective-TIRF products, please visit our websites at or

For sophisticated single molecule studies, we offer TIRF in combination with optical tweezers, AFM, dielectrophoretic and electrochemical control, single ion channel imaging, and versatile digital fluidics.

The first pages of recent articles published by our customers on cell biology, ion channels, dynamics of lipid rafts, real-time TIRF microarrays, and analysis of biomolecular interactions are posted at the web page: PDF reprints are available upon request. Thank you for your interest.

[1]. Mattheyses A, Axelrod D. Direct measurement of the evanescent field profile produced by objective-based TIRF. J Biomed Opt, 2006, 11: 014006A.

[2]. Ambrose W, Goodwin P, Nolan J. Single-molecule detection with TIRF: comparing signal-to background in different geometries. Cytometry 1999, 36(3), 224.