Postdoc position on single-cell analysis at UCSD BE Zhang lab

(Kun Zhang) #1

A postdoctoral position is available in the UCSD Bioengineering Department. The Laboratory of Integrative Genomics ( led by Professor Kun Zhang focuses on developing novel genomics and imaging methods, and applying these methods to the construction of multi-omics maps for normal and diseased human tissues and organs.

The successful candidate will be expected to contribute to multiple aspects, including method development, optimization, as well as large-scale data production and integration. Applicants should have rigorous PhD training in the areas of bioengineering, genomics, or imaging, and no more than 1 year of post-doctoral training. Ideal candidates should have strong motivations, and skills on communication and quantitative analysis.

Interested candidates please send a statement of purpose and a CV to Dr. Kun Zhang (