Just one press of your thumb for immediate single-cell isolation

Dear Colleague,

It is my great pleasure to announce our new product, named Smart Aliquotor EE. It is the latest of our Smart Aliquotor Family products for single-cell isolation.

The Smart Aliquotor EE (Extended Edition) provides the simplest & fastest way to uniformly load small volume liquids into 384 wells and precisely handle single cells for accelerating single-cell clonal and genetic analysis. It doesn’t require instruments or expertise. With a simple press of your thumb on the pipette you perform single-cell isolation.

For more information on the Smart Aliquotor EE and other Family products, please see the following product flyer http://ibiochips.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Smart-Aliquotor-Family.pdf or, visit our website at www.ibiochips.com. Thank you very much.