Join us at the "Single Cell Omics. Advanced Course" | Sept 17-24, 2017

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**Single Cell Omics Advanced Course | September 17-24, 2017 **
@ Certosa di Pontignano. Siena, Italy with a handful of open student seats available
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This late summer Advanced Course is designed to provide the foundational knowledge needed to critically evaluate the design and execution of single cell 'omic studies, through daily lectures by the Faculty, critical reading of papers and extensive didactic discussion sessions. This is a rare opportunity for in-depth study, guided by expert Faculty in each topic covered:

  • Single cell analysis of RNA biology including transcriptomics.
  • Biophotonics & quantitative imaging for analysis of single cell biology.
  • Microfluidics & microanalytics for single cell biology.
  • Mass spectrometry of proteins, peptides & metabolites from single cells.
  • Computational analyses of complex single cell phenotyping datasets.
  • Single cell genomic & epigenomic DNA analyses.
  • Biosensors and single cell functional phenotyping
    Focused discussion will focus on the proper framing of scientific questions to best utilize these techniques, the limitations and advantages of each technique, and what the data can tell us about neuronal function. This is the inaugural offering and is organized by Profs. James Eberwine (University of Pennsylvania) and Scott Faser (University of Southern California).

The Neuroscience School of Advanced Studies is a non-profit organization established and managed for the promotion of neuroscience research and for the benefit of the scientific community. Scientifically qualified participants of any sex, age, race, color, religion and national origin are admitted.