2 Post-doc positions in single-cell genomics and epigenomics

(Eric Brouzes) #1

2 postdoctoral positions in single-cell genomics and epigenomics are available in our group of Microfluidics for Quantitative and Genomic Biology at Stony Brook University.

Our research focuses on single-cell genomics using droplet microfluidics and arrays of microwells. We are intensifying our efforts in two areas: (1) multi-parameter single-cell genomics. The fellow will pursue our efforts into true single-cell encapsulation (see Sauzade and Brouzes, Lab on a Chip, 2017), and will integrate the module into a platform to perform single-cell profiling in collaboration with the group of Prof. Wigler at Cold Spring Harbor. The fellow will be based at Stony Brook University. (2) the single-cell epigenomics project will build on our expertise in single-cell manipulation and magnetic extraction to streamline the sample preparation workflow. This project is a joint effort with the group of Dr. Watanabe at Mt Sinai Hospital in New York city. The fellow will perform research in both laboratories.

Those positions are unique opportunities to fast forward a career with exciting projects and high caliber collaborators and environment.

Please see details on our lab website at https://you.stonybrook.edu/mf4qgb/ or contact the PI at eric.brouzes@stonybrook.edu