1 Post Doc Position in Single Cell genomics at Stony Brook University

(Eric Brouzes) #1

1 Postdoctoral position in single-cell genomics is available in the group of Microfluidics for Quantitative and Genomic Biology at Stony Brook University.

Our research focuses on single-cell genomics using droplet microfluidics and arrays of microwells. We are intensifying our efforts in the area of multi-parameter single-cell genomics. The fellow will pursue our efforts into true single-cell encapsulation (see Sauzade and Brouzes, Lab on a Chip, 2017), and will integrate the module into a platform to perform single-cell profiling in collaboration with the group of Prof. Wigler at Cold Spring Harbor. The fellow will be based at Stony Brook University.

This position is a unique opportunity to fast forward a career with exciting projects and high caliber collaborators and environment.

Interested applicants should consult our website (https://you.stonybrook.edu/mf4qgb) and apply directly to (Job posting #1801755):